Holiday price list

 Very small furries                

£1 per night per pen. Hamster, mice, & gerbils
Please provide the accommodation plus an exercise ball (if they use one), water bottle and dried food please.
I provide the bedding, shavings and any fresh food (species relevant)
(I have one small hamster cage available if you do need me to provide accommodation)

Outdoor pens/hutches

£2 per night per hutch/pen
Outdoor rabbits, G pigs, outdoor tortoises and ferrets.
I provide the accommodation plus an  exercise run, water bottle and bowl plus bedding, hay and greens too (species relevant)

Indoor med/large furries

£2 per night per pen / G pigs , degu, rats, chinchilla and ferrets.
I provide the accommodation for rabbits and g-pigs plus an exercise run, water bottle and bowl plus bedding, hay and greens too (species relevant)
 but Rats, chinchilla, degu will need to have their own accommodation provided please
(or phone me for a chat of my cages/pens that might be available)


£2 per night per vivarium, for dragons, other lizards, snakes and tortoises . I provide the accommodation with relevant heating and lighting,  plus any  bowls, hides that they need for their stay, I use reptile carpet for the vivarium floor, plus I provide any greens and fruit too (species relevant)
Terrestrial wooden vivarium, arboreal glass vivarium, and a tortoise table available too
Please provide some bugs for holidaying lizards and vit/min powder.
£4 per week,  in your own tank or mine, with or without heat mat.
I provide the feeding bugs, brambles or privet (species relevant) 
Please contact me for more info.

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